Guidance for auction participation

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I AUCTION corp. is classified as an associate member and a full member. Membership registration can be easily done at the exhibit/auction site and the website.
Only the members that have completed authentication can participate on the auction bidding.

  • I AUCTION Associate member
    The associate member can participate in the online auctions, see the images and results of previous auctions on the website, get technical lists and online mailing service, auction guides, and receive SMS services.
  • I AUCTION Full member
    Full members can participate in online/offline auctions and all other events. They can also receive free publications (exhibition lists, guides for exhibition, etc) issued from I AUCTION, and other benefits.
    Annual fee 100,000 won ($250 for foreign members)
  • Class renewal and adjustments of membership
    If the annual successful bidding price of an associate member is more than 10,000,000 won, the associate member can be raised to a full membership.
    If the annual successful bidding price of a full member is more than 10,000,000won, the full membership will be extended automatically